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Katapulto – Bad Tourist /AMDISCS, 2012/

Published October, 2012
by Easterndaze

Wojtek Rusin aka Katapulto has had an intriguing music development, to say the least. From experimental pieces injected with a dose of cabaretism, to conceptual pieces and theatre work – and that great cassette for Sangoplasmo called Animalia. As has been evident with his latest sonic output – for instance on his inaugurating song for our last compilation, Stories from Beyond the Sun:Threesome, which also features on his album – he has shifted towards solid song-writing. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the his buoyant synth pop would lack experimentation, the traces of his camp, intricate adventures are also in place on his latest release Bad Tourist, out nowon AMDISCS.   

An amalgam of 80ties, 90ties and his affinity for HD technologies and the possibilities sound design offers, Rusin isn’t nostalgic about analogue technologies and fully utilizes what the present has to offer without eschewing past references. An avid fan of found sounds and lyrics, he included several songs inspired by online tests for children protection or art lectures. Bad Tourist is immensely catchy, and would work on daytime radio as well as nighttime listening.