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Lasariage – ! crazY fooD trY tO eaT mE

Published June, 2012
by Easterndaze

Lasariage emerged from the sprawling Polish witch house scene, championed under the umbrella of the Witch House Poland group and Cowshed Records. With the transformations of the witch house scene, the producers were forced to readjust their sonic formula and spread it in other musical territories, or – as has been often the case – face a creative cul-de-sac.

Lasariage has moved on, as it seems, on their new EP with a name with funny lettering ! crazY fooD trY tO eaT mEperhapsa remnant of their past affiliations. Some of the old tropes remain, the occasional mangled vocals, random melancholic atmospheres, etc. But the dreamy, hazy vibes in this instance are less gloomy than is the case in WH, more hope than misery, and in spite of being tagged with en vogue keywords such as “glofi” or “chillwave”, it actually is not dissimilar to the slow, housey, IDM-y stuff published on labels like Peacefrog or Kirk Degiorgio’s As One project