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Love Cult – Places to Get Lost In

Published September, 2011
by Easterndaze

It’s been a perennial discussion of ours, at least since starting this project – what does and doesn’t belong to Eastern Europe. Is the post-Cold War world still divided into east and west? The more we’ve travelled across the region – and living here all our lives – the more we think that the distinctions are pretty much still in place. Now more for economic reasons, but with the impending $$$ apocalypse in the west, this might change. East, however, is still east and west remains west. The history, culture and people won’t change with a handshake. Part of our ongoing discussion is also whether to include Russia and other post-soviet countries in the scope of our sonic interest.

Increasingly, we’ve been finding more and more interesting projects from this region and even though we do not necessarily intend to start covering Russia per se, we might randomly post something from there. So here is a lo-fi dreamy video made on a 40-buck budget forĀ Love Cult, a boy-girl duo from Karelia.

Love Cult – Place to get lost in from Nikita Hilko on Vimeo.