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Lutto Lento: Enya, hardstyle and cryptozoology

Published August, 2013
by Easterndaze

Lutto Lento is a lone ranger, making uncompromising decisions when it comes both to publishing and making music. Living in Wroclaw, Poland for some time now, he decided to move to Warsaw to change his life forever. 
Some claim he’s a free-wheeling prankster but in the end he’s just your buddy from the neighbourhood, wearing fluorescent sneakers, chewing gum and panting to microphone from time to time. He’s the owner of Sangoplasmo, a Polish provider of tape-grown goods and a member of Hydro Ghetto crew, throwing various house music gigs around Poland. Usually reacts to good music by nodding his head. 
Jacek Plewicki: Hi Lubomir, what are you planning for tomorrow’s morning?

Lutto Lento: Hello, tomorrow I’ll be working as an actor.

Good, you like acting?

It makes me feel more social, I get less shy, I learn a lot of new skills, for example I learn how to conduct small-talks, how to smile and how to look right in the eyes.

Is making music a part of this process?

Sure it is, especially performing live. When you face up the excellent audience, you got to do your best to provide all the ingredients by yourself and cook it the perfect way while everybody keeps staring at you. It’s exhausting but in the end it’s all worth it.

Recently you’re DJing too. What kind of music do you play during your sets?

Yeah, it’s quite a new thing. I started playing with my laptop, using SYNC option, a few years ago. Right now I’m trying to improve my skills in playing from vinyls, I’m a collector for quite a long time now. A few times I also performed DJ-sets using just two or three cassette players.  

We’re living in really great times right now, I can see that the club-goers are getting more and more open-minded. So I love to experiment and it’s OK for everyone, people still book me for DJ-sets. I started with playing chopped & screwed David Guetta or The Wombat tracks, nowadays I’m trying to play differently each time, but it’s all close to experimental techno and house.

But you want to keep your own music separare from that don’t you?

Three weeks ago I recorded the track ‘Sirena’ which is now released on my ‘Unlucky’ cassette. This track would possibly work very well on the dancefloor, I’ll try to spin it some day.

How long does it take for you to record a track? How do you know when it’s ready?

A few months ago I did about ten copies of self-cut 5-6 seconds cassette loops made of old Enya’s tape which I found in my mother’s collection. They were nice but soon I forgot about them. Last week I rediscovered these tape-loops. I played one of them and decided to add a kick drum. So I made this track in an hour or two. On the next day I checked it again and again and still liked it, so I made a video.

Why Enya?

Her voice is unique. And when I actually looped her, with this recognisable tape hiss and tape pitch-down from time to time, she started to sound like a calm, subtle and extremely attractive voice from the depths of the sea. Like a mermaid.

You seem to be quite inspired by nature-spirits. Mountains (“Duch Gór” cassette), now sea. Where does that come from?

Nature is my best teacher. I’m really into reading myths and legends for a long long time. At the same time I’m into anthropology, biology and cryptozoology. I guess it’s just my need for exoticism.

And what about hardstyle? I’ve heard you like it too.

I played hardstyle sets as DJ Tiger on a few parties. I’m truly fascinated by this genre. It’s funny but so powerful and wild at the same time. I spent a weekend with Lorenzo Senni last month, we spoke about the production techniques of hardstyle music. He told me that I should use my voice to record a hardstyle acapella some day.

Any plans for releasing new records on other labels? And what about Sangoplasmo stuff?.

(Wait man, let me just take a shower)

(Gotta go now, big master, lets say its a last question or something)

This ‘Unlucky’ cassette is a self-released work of art, as I really care about the aesthetic side of albums. So it comes with a postcard and the cover is printed on some kind of blue tracing paper.

There are two great  releases on Sangoplasmo now –  a very mysterious polish supergroup Dwutysięczny and a cassette by Circulation of Light, a project of Nathaniel Ritter who runs Brave Mysteries.

UNLUCKY by Lutto Lento

by Jacek Plewicki