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Magma Trakt’s aural tripping

Published March, 2012
by Easterndaze

Magma Trakt is an annual crawling plant, the harbinger of the Otherworldly and the immanent presence of the Interdimensional. Ranging in colour from purple to neonatally rosy this plant of entoxicating scent and grandiose ambush decore can be found climbing the walls of reality tunnels.” (A Hogon’s Industrial Guide). Couldn’t have written it better, so kindly borrowing this lovely description of Nikola Vitkovic’s projekt Magma Trakt. Nikola has been on the music scene for aeons, his latest endeavour is the compilation of Serbian 90s outsider music Crni Pek (read&listen to our interview about it here).

His new limited edition tape is out now on Belgian-Serbian label No Basement is Deep Enough. Like sonic LSD, the tape is a hypnotic journey through exotic sounds, percussion and deadpan spoken word. It’s easy to get sucked into the twisted sonic landscape, random delays, haunting voices, pounding grooves and get blissfully lost.