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Mangulica FM – Third Eye EP (Over9000, 2011)

Published August, 2011
by Easterndaze

Mangulica FM is a project of Belgrade-based musician Luka Papić. Luka is also the head of the startup label Over9000, dedicated to supporting the Serbian music and art scene. Named after the “the only surviving autochthonous Serbian breed of domesticated pig” MangulicaFM is all about a contemporary recontextualization of Serbia’s culture tradition and history.

MangulicaFM – Hromi Daba by easterndaze

Also Mangulica’s new release, the Third Eye EP is sonicaly cruising the abstract landscape of dub and instrumental hip-hop that is drawing heavily from ex-yugo folk. The EP is composed of samples of “serbian, macedonian and bosnian ethno and folk with a few samples from roots reggae records and one or two from american 50s rock” in order to create something that Mangulica describes as Gogol/Chagall atmosphere: an almost nostalgic feeling for countryside magic mixed-up with contemporary urban sound.

<a href=“” _mce_href=“”>third eye by mangulicaFM</a>

You can listen and download the whole EP on Mangulica’s bandcamp page.