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mangulicaFM & conspiracy theories and pig meat

Published April, 2012
by Easterndaze

mangulicaFM is no stranger to easterndaze’s ears. The Belgrade producer, who currently lives in cold cold Hamburg, played at our party in September in Pancevo (Belgrade;). His affinity for recontextualising the musical heritage of his mother country defies the tired preconception about the naffness of such an endeavour. His latest release, a menacing, exotic and buoyant offering, came out on his own label over9000, a promising imprint whose roster also includes our friend Vladimir Lenhart aka Lenhart Tapes. You can download the album below.

Can you tell me about your new album? 
It is my first full album. 90% of the tracks were made after I moved to Hamburg 6 months ago.

How did the songs come to life? 
Get an idea, find the right sample or shape the right synth, then start building the song around it by adding more samples, synths and rhythms in a rush. 

Any concept behind it? 
Yes, I wanted to make an album about conspiracy theories, local and global superstition, pig meat, beauty and madness of Serbia and Montenegro and wanted it to sound club friendly in a way.

The artists on your label over9000 seem to have in common the utilisation/recontextualisation of various sonic ephemera/root/folk/oriental samples, is there an intention label-wise? 
It’s just a coincidence that these artist share that atribute. Our intention is to provide
something that doesn’t come out of bedrooms and basements too often, though we obviously do like this idea about exploiting localism.

What are the upcoming plans aside from your new album? (btw is it meant to be a joke since its released on April 1)
I hope to play gigs, finish some film projects I’m working on, start working on a new mangulicaFM album, work on a new project with dead bird, play more basketball, over9000…

Well not everything that happens on April 1st is a joke. 3 examples:
1st April 1933 : Nazi Germany begins the persecution of German Jews by declaring a boycott of Jewish owned businesses
1st April 1991 : Iowa becomes one of the first states to allow riverboat gambling .
1st April 2001 : Former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic has been arrested and taken to prison.

<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>mangulicaFM(free dl down in info) by mangulicaFM</a>

Check out the newly-established label over9000 here.