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Metropola – Urban Traffic Compilation

Published May, 2011
by Easterndaze

At least since the 1940s the cacophonic sound of the urban metropolis has attracted the creative ears of composers. John Cage has been an avid field recorder (check out his Williams Mix with at least 600 hundred various sounds including those of the city) or Pierre Schaeffer’s Etude aux chemins de fer, the first musique concréte recording, which utilized the sounds of trains. In the nineties it was David Holmes ode to New York City on Let’s Get Killed. The list goes on…

A bunch of young Slovak producers utilized samples of urban traffic field recordings in their tracks. The album entitled Metropola “Urban Traffic Compilation” is out now as a free release on the Slovak label AJLÁVMJUZIK. You can download it here.

Metropola – Batcha demental by easterndaze

Metropola – Stroon by easterndaze

Metropola – Asebest by easterndaze