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Models Can’t Fuck

Published January, 2011
by Easterndaze

Hungary seems to be in thrall of all things dreamy, lo-fi and fuzz (just check out Piresian Beach and her work, she’s also on our compilation). Another case in point is the Hungarian dreamy lo-fi fuzz project Models Can’t Fuck is inspired “by the "impotence” of the Hungarian music scene (hence the name), both mainstream and underground, and the general public’s out of date thinking about contemporary music and their indifference towards new exciting acts and young bands,“ says its heart and brain Árpi Szarvas. 

Models Can’t Fuck takes cues from various places, for example, 1960’s psychedelic acts (United States of America, early Pink Floyd), from 70’s electronics (Kraftwerk, Suicide, Eno, Moroder) and lots of other bands fiddling with analogue electronica – Broadcast, Stereolab, Caribou. Recorded in Árpi’s basement mini studio, MCF songs stick to the 3-4 minute pop song formula…

Another project by Árpi is Evil Man Have No Songs, a shoegaze dream-pop offering that has caught the attention of the French label Beko who put out EMHNS’s Home Tonight release.

PS: The last addition to the list of fuzz/surf/lo-fi projects from Hungary is the project Nohopekids. Their bandcamp profile seems to be active since December 2010 and their name a name of a track by the californian Wavves. Are we looking here at some kind of a scene-in-the-making, drawing inspiration from US west-coast lo-fi rock ?