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Nikola Vitkovic on Serbian sonics 2012

Published January, 2013
by Easterndaze


1. What’s the highlight for you in the Serbian music scene of 2012?

insane eyes’ anthology “tautau – colourful mp69s, mostly violet’, released on my label It shows just a microscopic piece of a 20-year private discography. insane eyes is a pop hitmaker with a nerdy attitude of a self-unaware genius. He makes a heroic example of a musician who is not bothered about external stuff like career, but cares only about making good work – or more precisely, a good laugh. [More about this here.]

2. What is the low point for you in the Serbian music scene in 2012?

The overall Americanisation of the alternative scene. Either they play noise rock, acoustic ballads or hiphop, local bands usually sound like they want to sound like an American import, which is not bad in itself, but the lack of other horizonts is depressing.

3. Discovery-new artist of the year?

bicikl. primarily a live improv band. These young harbingers of the uprising local underground folk / dilletant ethno scene have been around for some time, but their melting pot of heavily perfumed Turkish delights, Macedonian rhythms, Lithuanian paganism, Serbian epic battles and surf guitars took a new life in 2012, and is ripe to be discovered by all enthusiasts for psyched out ethno muzik.

4. Personal tips and wishes and plans for 2013?

Less talk more action!

Nikola Vitkovic is a musician and owner of the Belgrade-based label NAUK.