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Nocow – Ruins Tape (G5TAPE01)

Published September, 2011
by Easterndaze

The Russian blog-turned-label Gimme5 has risen to prominence over the course of the last year gathering the cream of the crop of young Russian beatmakers. Lead by Stas, the producer-cum-label honcho from the acclaimed duo Demokracy – among whose most recent endeavours is a remix for Mater Suspiria Vision – Gimme5 has released producers such as Moa Pillar, Damscray or Nocow all of whom have carved their niche in modern post/dance music.

Moonlight Flit – free dl by Nocow

G5’s latest release is by one of the most idiosyncratic producers on the imprint – Nocow. Featured by the eminent outpost for offbeat sonics, the Brighton blog XXJFG among others, the Russian musician deftly moves between more traditional beat-oriented structures, ethereal soundscapes and even industrial-inflected outings.

On his latest release Ruins Tape – a “prequel” to his long-player – Nocow delves into dense 2-step / garage-influenced atmospherics with slowed-down vocals hovering intermittently in the distance while relying on his penchant for melancholic melodies. Somehow, it is these ambient outros and synth-infused atmospherics that Nocow excels at. A forlorn journey into the land of echoes, rhythms and killer basslines without a return ticket but with the assurance that lingering amid dreamy sonics is better than reality anyway.

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