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o /\/\ /\/\ – Omm (self-released, 2014)

Published November, 2014
by Easterndaze

Jozef Tušan has decided to remain musically active despite the fact that his main project BIOS is now put on hold. As he still operates from east Slovakia, Košice, it is quite difficult for him and his musical partner to keep the project steady, although they still have ocassional concerts as BIOS, the focus of both band members has shifted towards different projects, БРАДА in case of Boris and in Tušan’s case, O // //.

The project itself is not new and we have already mentioned it on Eastern Daze. Looking at the Bandcamp profile, there is surprisingly a handful of releases under Tušan’s solo project. All of them are self-released and not supported by any label, therefore it is quite difficult to find them if you are not from the inner circles of Tušan’s surroundings.

Jozef’s releases were always strongly connected with visuals, as his primary vocation is visual art and typography. Also, his original part in BIOS was VJing that later on was complemented with his own musical input. His limited tape and CD releases are small artefacts on their own as they are all strictly D.I.Y. manufactured items which usually end up as gift in the hands of Jozef’s friends. Such is the case of Omm album, which physically has only 10 existing tape copies (so far, only 3 of them left when writing this review).

Musically, it’s drone created solely by using various guitar effects and pedals, which are now more meditative and soaked with dungeon walls, focusing on more gentle sonic capabilities of the guitar. Oh yes, autumn has arrived to the city of Košice already and its gloomy atmosphere is now translated by more gentle sounds than heard on Omm’s previous releases, which were revolving around uncompromisingly distorted walls of guitar feedback with good old black metal droning. Mostly, the sound here is really tamed and meditative, however there are still some really vicious and noisy moments, especially on first side of the tape, which ends in a doomsday. The phrase transcendental drone comes to my mind when listening to this, referring to the infamous Liturgy manifest, as aesthetics and background of both projects have some similarities and Tušan’s attraction to the entire black metal visual is well known and also manifest in his works.

Sometimes O // // now sounds as a really stripped down and minimalistic version of Stars of the Lid, however it still retains its original sentimental and slightly mourning atmosphere. It is definitely not another homogenous boring drone release. Sophisticated eclecticisism and musical development of the project now absorbing other musical elements is the key.

by b.arctor
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