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PL2UA – From Poland to Ukraine with <3

Published February, 2014
by Easterndaze

PL2UA compilation is an expression of solidarity and support of Polish musicians for people who suffer as a result of clashes in the Ukraine. By providing their music in digital form, the artists want to help those in need and those that require support. Independent can be understood in two ways: on the one hand as an independent music scene, and on the other as the independent Ukraine which is fought for by its people. Polish artists are supported by several artists from other countries of Eastern Europe, uncluding some Ukrainians as well. All tracks have been made available by the artists free of charge, most of them previously unreleased or prepared exclusively for this compilation.”

The compilation follows in the footsteps of a Ukrainian one, which appeared a little while ago, also in support of the opposition of the status quo that sparked the protests. PL2UA features an astonishing 53 – and growing – tracks mostly – but not exclusively – electronic and dance-oriented, with many local labels participating. Some of the tracks even bear titles expressly connected to the purpose of this compilation – such as Ghosts of Breslau’s – Kiev, Haunted, newcomer Zamilska’s Dissent or Lights Dim’s Echoes of an Ongoing Riot . Compilations such as these aim to document a time, an ad hoc sonic manifesto, the connection between music and politics is very fragile and complex, but as they say every little helps (unfortunately a certain supermarket brand owns this phrase already, but who cares).

You can get the compilation, whose proceeds go to organisations helping Ukraine, here.