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Please Feed My Records

Published March, 2012
by Easterndaze

Please Feed My Records is a collective of musicians, bedroom producers and DJs based in a sleepy town of Zielena Gora in Poland. In spite – or perhaps also because of – the soporific, bucolic surroundings, PFMR has gravitated towards the hazy sonic spectrum encompassing hypnagogia, synth-driven territories, glofi, shoegaze, cut up yearning R’n’B vocals, post/dance beats et al. Composed of 5 projects, members of PFMR are hardly novices on the music scene though – with appearances on labels such as Kitty Yo and name-dropped by Upset the Rhythm and having performed with the likes of Peaking Lights or Toro Y Moi.

“Coming together from different musical backgrounds they are all about sharing the vibe of an after-party lake  trip or a dance party in a forest, with rest of the (internet) world.” is their simple yet appealing maxim.

A taster of their sounds can be heard on the Opening EP sampler, which you can get here.

What is the history of the collective/label?
We all come from Zielona Gora. Some of us live there, some just come back every once in a while, but this is our place on earth. In a town this big it’s impossible not to come across each other when you are doing something similar. In our case, it was electronic music. Each one of us has a backgroud in musc. From dj-ing in clubs, to playing in syth-pop bands to drumming in grindcore or wedding bands (no joke!) We met by playing parties together which evolved into sharing each other’s productions and then the idea of the label just seemed right.

Can you tell us about Zielena Gora, has it had an influence on the collective and the sound? Is it possible to function also IRL there as a label/musicians doing what you’re doing?
Zielona Gora is a mid-size town in the west of Poland. It’s nearer to Berlin than Warsaw and it’s always easier to drop for a concert or a party. The region is all about woods and lakes, so every weekend in the summer we go for a trip. It’s a laidback place, so are the people that came together under the PFMR moniker. The is a big group of people, friends, kids that come to the parties and enjoy what we’re doing, so it’s not like we’re freaks. We’re rather the cool kids on the block 😉

The sound of the tracks is varied, but joined by a synthhaze, longing for pastfuture, hypnagogia but some of them are also quite dancey. Could you tell us more about the sound of the label, what kind of artists are you representing?
CH-CH-CHING is Pawel Trzcinski, formerly form the syth-weirdo-pop band The Complainer & The Complainers. In his music synth-pop meets lo-fi and singer/songwriter sensibility, sometimes adding elements of psychedelia and tropicalia to the mix. Recently his interest has focused on relaxed, sunny-pop jams. A few songs on his Myspace have gathered some attention and gained CH-CH-CHING invitations to play shows in Berlin, Paris, Vienna, London or Mexico City and support slots for artist such as Toro Y Moi, Peaking Lights, Handsome Furs or Molly Nilsson. He also runs the Distorted Ainmals booking putting on independent DIY shows across Poland.

Pawel is me 🙂

MNSL released his debut few years back on Kitty-Yo as Monosylabikk. He lived in London and Warsaw for a while. Now he’s back as MNSL, creating these post-dubstep sounds. He has two EPs in the pipeline – one for PFMR and another, more dancefloor oriented on Marcin Czubala’s label.

rosinski – the one who puts “shoegaze” into PFMR. Look for his clips on YouTube, where you can listen to his music along some found footage/ documetaries / The Graduate videos.

ODDAGE – a graphic designer and an institution as far as Djing in Poland goes. He started the Twisted Legs collective like 10 years ago and played all the legendary clubs and parties over that time. He did the sleeve for the record. And he also did this video.

The Pound – no clue there. They sound like The Cure circa “Boys Don’t Cry” which doesn’t get any better. The only real pop band on the roster.

“Coming together from differnet musical backgrounds they are all about sharing the vibe of an after-party lake trip or a dance party in a forest with the rest of the (internet) world.” – can you explain?
Nothing much to explain. We enjoy making music, enjoy each other’s company and just want to share that particluar moment in our lives using the immediate medium which is the internet.

What are your plans?
Every project / band on the “Opening” EP is releasing an EP or a record of it’s own in the next few months. We also started collaborating with each other, so expect new music from duos and trios, remixes etc. Also, we will be taking PFMR on the road. Expect parties and showcases very soon. In Zielona Gora of course, but there are talks about bringing PFMR to Warsaw, Prague or Berlin. France is also an option. Please get in touch!:)

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