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Podcast – 12z’s live sessions

Published October, 2013
by Easterndaze

12z sessionz Podcast by Easterndaze on Mixcloud

The 12z sessionz started as a
weekly rehearsal in 2012 for practicing purposes on free
electroacoustic improvisation in a Budapest flat. As the project
developed, 12z members started to invite friends to join the weekly
improvisations, to get inspirations from very different styles and
record the jamming. The first participant was the founding member of
the randomroutines art
collective, then followed by the most active one: Márk Bartha, later zaikon, Palmovka, The
Stanley Maneuver
, András Halmos, Alpár of Farbwechsel label,
Carla Under
, Árpád Kiss trumpeter, Micachu and her sister, Fran, last
but not least the London-based artists, Lawrence Lek and Andi Schmied.
12z’s live performances were always about the flow of unaborted
improvisation and these two hours long open sessions (using constantly
changing instruments and playing music absolutely freely with such
influencing people) became more and more interesting and as the number
of recordings grow, members decided to make them public.