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Poo – Kappa-Opioid Gain (single, 2011)

Published September, 2011
by Easterndaze

Massive blocks of sound, eroded by entropy into weird fractal pictures of mankind’s downfall / empty cities ovegrown by nature / random flashes of violence slowly enter the sonic ecosystem inhabited by frequencies that flow down on tilted walls of noise. Ibogain kappagrams.

Hailing from the harsh concrete habitats of the Slovak capital city – Bratislava, Slovakia’s premiere live electronica project Poo has outgrown all geographical boundaries. Formed by the electronic musicians Rentip (Robert Bittner) and ::.: (Daniel Toth) their music is difficult and challenging and perhaps it may even appear evil to the common sense, a combination of opposite principles clashing – microsounds against organic drones, subtle vs. crude structures, meditation over flickering noise..

Poo live @ Music Laboratory in 2010 with Dead Voices on Air, Urbanfailure, Rentip, et. all, photo by Morrigan

After releasing their debut LP Flourescent on 11 Fingers Records in 2005, and moving on to develop their individual side-projects (Rentip, ::.:, Angakkut, 1/x) Poo are back with a new track. Kappa-Opioid Gain. A taste of things to come, with Poo’s second LP scheduled for next summer. Kappa-Opiod Gain is somewhat of a post-ibogain comedown – from the aural fog of firing kappa-opioid receptors some unsettling sonic reality starts to emerge, one composed of massive, slow dubby drones, a black mess, delicate frequencies, chaos, magick. 

Poo – Kappa-Opioid Gain by easterndaze

Poo deliver a hypnotizing sythesis of Rentip’s taste for abstract beats and ::.:’s taste for complex drone psychedelia reinforcing that one can make a radical, yet poetic sound with an almost scientific aproach to sound synthesis and composition. Apart from the single, Poo have also prepared a remix-pack (get it at their web) for those interested in refashioning the Kappa-Opioid Gain track which will then be included on a further remix release.