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Rentip – Burnside Odyssey (single, 2011)

Published October, 2011
by Easterndaze

The new LP of Robert Bittner, better known as Rentip – the more energetic half of the Slovak experimental duo Poo, has been long in the making. We were able to get a taste of Rentip’s beats via the rare occasions when he performed them live and we must say their abstract cinematic atmospheres kick ass in the same way as they encompass a rare mixture of psychedelic experimentalia influenced by the early Vancouver industrial scene.

Now almost two years later it seems like Rentip’s debut got finished somewhere in the desolation of the uniform globalized hotel chains on the many business trips between China and Europe. The first taste of the upcoming album is Burnside Odyssey, done as a collaboration with Mark Spybey of the Dead Voices On Air and Zoviet France fame and featuring vocals by the Serbian vocalist Ivana Salipur

Rentip – Burnside Odyssey by 11 Fingers Records

The track’s abstract beats slowly move on to carry an almost oriental nostalgia vocal layer decomposed into a fuzzed-out feedback jam, a kind of funkish ride over molten dronescapes. Apart from the track, the web release also contains two remixes – a dark minimal techno reworking by Makatu and a noisy drone-ambient deconstruction by ::.:, Rentip’s collaborator in the much darker, complex and sonicaly twisted project Poo.