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Route 8 and his synthpop house

Published February, 2012
by Easterndaze

The latest export from Hungary /where our new collaborateur and author of this article Andras G. Varga comes from/ comes via Route 8, a very young producer making atmospheric electronic vibes. Even though his name has appeared in connection with Budapest’s blooming lo-fi bedroom pop music scene, his electronic explorations take you literally far beyond those four walls. Route 8 recently debuted with his Never Ending Stories telling you his way of finding and carving his very own sonic signature. Influenced by 80s synthpop and house rythms, Route 8 himself describes his sound as “synthpop-house”.

The EP consists of 4 tracks connected by ambient patterns, even though they follow in quite different directions including a drone remix on title track ‘Never Ending Stories’ by fellow producer Sleeping Machine. While the title track itself is a pulsing techno piece which has totally hypnotized us, in contrast the second track ‘SDFN DS’ displays slower beats and flowing synth textures with interesting noises. The 80s vibe of the characteristic drum machines comes through on the third track ‘Ocean Chill’. The EP is a nice collection of various styles but the tracks are deeply injected with the vibe of 80s atmosphere. You can read an interview with Route 8 here.