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Route 8 – Mental Murder, and his lofi house

Published April, 2013
by Easterndaze

Route 8 emerged from the sprawling Hungarian lofi scene that mostly encompassed guitar-driven and quirky electronic acts. Route 8’s sonic trajectory verged towards the dancefloor, the dancefloor of slow, hypnotic tunes made on analogue hardware. This was already apparent during his live set we put on for him in Budapest a year ago, and comes more pronounced on his latest EP, out on the great Budapest label Farbwechsel.

Never Ending Journey by Route 8

Mental Murder is almost raw, jacking house music, with lofi hisses and atmospherics, but remains quirky enough, just check the ending of the title track. This is not clean-cut house for yuppified dancefloors, but rather a hazy, melancholic exploration of the fringes of 4/4. And then there’s that remix, yes Miguel Flaco nailed it.

Till Dawn (Miguel Flaco’s Deep South Revision) by Route 8