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Route8 – xclusiv new track premiere

Published April, 2012
by Easterndaze

Route 8 has dropped his first EP Never Ending Stories just two months ago – we also featured his 4-track debut a while ago – and for now he’s working hard on his live set debut at the release party for the imminent second compilation of Easterndaze on 11th of May in Budapest’s Roham Bar. We’re eagerly looking forward to seeing his ‘synthpop-house’ tunes live. In the meantime we caught up with him for a quick Q&A to see how he’s building up his very first live set.

How are you working on your live set?
Since I can’t transfer my previous tracks to my new instruments, I need to make completely new tracks. Lately I’ve been doing random jam sessions, and recording them to cassette tape. Later I listen to them and whichever of them I find good enough I then transfer and put on Soundcloud to be able to replay in my live set. 

What kind of instruments will you use?

Roland MC-307, Korg Electribe AMKII, Yamaha DX21 and super cheap Behringer pedals.

What kind of sounds do you want to create with your live set?
Hm, I don’t know, I aim to build in some kind of deep, dreamy, falling-asleep analogue noises into my live set, salted with lot of reverb effects.

How many new tracks can we except for your live set?
Around 5-6 new tracks will be showcased on 11th of May.

by András G. Varga