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Published July, 2012
by Easterndaze

The bandcamp profile of this release (if you understand Polish that is) reveals lot of praise and statements about originality of the two personas hidden behind the stylish band name. That elicits even more curiosity as the visual side of W DONT BLV N HYP (including song names and quite hairy cover) suggests some post-witch house territory. But this estimation was completely wrong.

RSS B0YS allegedly got to know each other when they were travelling in Africa. And the influence of afro-beat is the main driving force behind this release. You can notice plenty of its various influences in the final result, which borrows from world music, techno and dub. The 12-minute VCT0R TLLNG TH TRTH is full of dark, bass-driven synth sounds and a slow pulse hovering around 100 bpm. The track innocently starts in a dark and gloomy atmosphere, yet ends in an absolute sonic menace full of blasts and genre

<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>VCT0R TLLNG TH TRTH by RSS B0YS</a>

RSVP, the closing track of the W DONT BLV N HYP is another, slowly proceeding bouncer borrowing a lot from ethno and world music. If you were Andy Stott, had a flying carpet and were flying over the African savannah, this would be possibly your best sonic friend.

<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>RSVP by RSS B0YS</a>

The sound is perfectly polished and rich, owing to their labelmate The Complainer.  The ideas and themes included on this release are very rich and are embrace the world of contemporary musical scene without any prejudices. But still, there are four more tracks aside from those two epic, very smartly structured voyages. And it’s quite a pity that some of them are full of ideas, but when listening to them, you wish that those ideas would be developed further.

The recently resurrected Polish imprint Mik Musik, not a label, nor a collective (by their own words), has been supporting quite interesting range of musicians from Poland, or the Czech Republic as of recent. The RSS B0YS as one of them, have the power to absorb and re-create the things in an interesting way.

<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>RSS B0YS – W D0NT BLV N HYP by RSS B0YS</a>

by Andrej