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Sangoplasmo embraces the weird and dance

Published November, 2011
by Easterndaze

The ever brilliant Polish label Sangoplasmo focuses on the outthere spectrum of electronic music, mostly drone and ambient and wyrd electronica, but its recent releases demonstrate a direction into more rhythm-based genres such as “techno” and percussion. Although in their guise, its more the weird, grainy, cosmic kind. Enough to make you dream and dance at the same time. As contemporary as it gets. 

They have just released several new tapes. Katapulto + Animalia includes five recordings in six different languages about five animals. A lysergic journey into sounds of the netherworld, haunting and weirdly comforting. Dreamy and introspective, slow and beautiful. 

One of my favourites is Lutto Lento – Death Beam, inspired by the electromagnetic weapon invented by Nikola Tesla in the 1930s. Funeral techno is how I would call it (shall we establish a new most ridiculous genre names competition here?), with random squelches, electronic hiccups ideal dancing on the graves of the not yet deceased. It’s not even witch house, it’s much better. 

Go get the tapes, support this brilliant label. (you can listen to the previews on their website) luv.