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Sangoplasmo is back with 4 new tapes (incl. Felicia Atkinson, Burial Hex and thousands of frogs)

Published February, 2012
by Easterndaze

The great Polish label Sangoplasmo is one the most interesting imprints to emerge from this region over the past few years, having released the likes of Aranos but also several oddly beautiful albums by the likes of Lutto Lento or Katapulto. It’s 2012 release schedule starts off with a bang – with no less than 4 tapes.

Aside from Burial Hex and Felicia Atkinson who has yearning, hypnotic and folorn songs recorded in Amish Country, there is also a lovely little number by the Ukrainian based sound artists Edward Sol. His telling “How Can I Sleep With These Voices In My Head” is an unudulterated, unprocessed field recording of thousands of frogs which he recorded in 2011 in Lychanka, Ukraine where he lives. A psychedelic organic journey into uncanny sounds of nature unfolds.

You can listen to the soundbites here.