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Seeds in Helmet

Published April, 2012
by Easterndaze

Exploring the local alternative scene can bring up really interesting results, from lo-fi hip hop, garage rock to more electronica driven experiments, you just name it. Hungary has it all and we are glad to hear the demos and releases sent over to us or unearthed on the www (feel free to send us your musics too:).

The Hungarian project Seeds In Helmet has been around for some time, their latest relase Lovebox is by their own words comeback to the scene. Moving in the range of dark ambient/drone soundscapes with vocals, they try to draw you into their misty, gloomy and hazy mood helping themselves with vocals, glitches and abstract soundscapes. The identity of the band members is unknown, but music should speak for itself, shouldn’t it?

What we have here is a release packed with 9 tracks. The length of the record is above 45 minutes, which is pretty impressive regarding the fact that you can download it for free. The tracks themselves follow in a rather post-apocalyptic mood, reminding us of a deserted plane after nuclear bombing full of corroding objects and remains of civilization long gone and forgotten. Supported by fragile and sentimental vocals, ran through a couple of effects and delays, this can be a good companion for late night listenings. Where Lovebox excels is the unusually wide sound range for this kind of genre. Glitches, dark drones, vocals, crackles and a smart use of strings all fit perfectly and it’s not a boring to listen. 

I was quite surprised when the singer started to sing in Japanese, the Hungarian language sounds really nice and is suitable for singing.. What a pity that we can’t hear it here. But it’s an artist’s choice, which we have to respect after all. In the end, it doesn’t sound bad and fits into the overall sound and the final result itself. Quite unfortunate is that some of the tracks are more snippets and they end sooner than their composition and mood setting starts to work, as in general they are pretty immersive. Possibly less shorter tracks and couple of longer would be much better as listener would have more time to explore sonic world and his fantasy work more effectively with more connection points. 

by Andrej