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Snezhana Bezus on Bulgarian music scene 2012/13

Published January, 2013
by Easterndaze


1. What’s the highlight for you in your countries music scene?

People seem to start waking up. There is a general feel of curiosity towards more varied and unconventional music and engagement with local artists beyond the circle of closest friends.

We had a physical release of almost 100% Bulgarian production (the WTF is SWAG cassette) that caused a lot of hype and somehow stirred the people; raised an awareness that change will come from ourselves, from inside.

KiNK is getting more and more recognition around the world, including a gig in Boiler Room and a 5th place in RA’s top 20 live acts for 2012.

Two local club nights are gaining growing popularity – the Surrcasm night and the Swine Riddim night. Both are focused on displaying quality club music by talented and often underrepresented Bulgarian DJs. Clubs seem to become a little less hostile towards smaller events with more engaging, non-straightforward electronic music, without foreign headliners, etc. As a consequence, more local DJs and producers gain courage and self confidence to “crawl out” of their holes and display themselves to an eventually growing audience. A circle is starting to form, now we need to push and keep it rolling.

2. What is the low point for you in your country’s music scene?  

I personally feel sad about all the young people leaving the country and about this general attitude that if you want to succeed in life, you must go abroad. One of the main reasons why the scene here is so small and undeveloped is the simple fact that most young talents have ran away. Two beatmakers (Parallel Concept and Mojo Goro) left the country and another one passed away (R.I.P. HIBRID) and all this leaves us with too many djs and too few producers.

3. Discovery-new artist of the year /in your country/?

If I have to be completely honest, I can’t really name anyone that truly stands out. New artists emerge through consistent work, perseverance and output, not through sporadic, though noteworthy tracks.

I often wonder what would our “scene” look like without old heroes like 1000names and KiNK.

There is one teenage boy from Veliko Tarnovo called L 33 who produces drum&bass and had quite a few releases on vinyl this year for quality labels like Rise Audio, Citrus, Icarus Audio, Mindtech Recordings, Syndrome Audio, among others. He is supported by DJs like Andy C, Enei, Break, Octane & DLR, Skeptical, etc.

Therefore, objectively speaking, L 33 has been the most successful young Bulgarian electronic artist this year, although, not surprisingly, largely unrecognized on a local level.

4. Personal tips and wishes and plans for 2013?

More producers and club nights focused on local music. More places like Vlaikova that support local artist communities and encourage individuality and sonic diversity.

More action and less whining.

Snezhana Bezus runs the blog Beatbucket.