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Space bass: Big Tiger – Music from Planet Earth EP

Published September, 2013
by Easterndaze

On September 5th Bulgarian electronic duo Big Tiger launch their second release – “Music from Planet Earth” EP, courtesy of Australian label DRTY SHDWS PRJKT.

Exactly 36 years earlier NASA launched their Voyager spacecraft in an inspiring attempt to explore the depths of our Solar System and hopefully communicate with potential alien lifeforms by means of the famous Golden Record containing the Sounds of Earth.

“Music from Planet Earth” doesn’t simply take its name after its predecessor; it carries a special message, too:

It’s a celebration of the power and love that the Earth is always giving us. People have been looking for this in the stars, but it’s right beneath their feet. This is where our inspiration comes from – real things like nature and the human experience, which have an endless depth and beautiful mystery of their own.” – Big Tiger

The EP consists of 4 tracks that were recorded over a 4-day studio session in Manchester, but the ideas and inspiration behind it spring from the world of the esoteric and spiritual. The duo admits that meditation and contact with nature play a vital role in their creative process, which becomes evident at first listen. While undoubtedly dancefloor-oriented, the EP emanates a sense of inner peace and harmony with nature through its thumping 4×4 heartbeat, warm melodies and softly whispered vocals singing about a “world of dreams where we are dancing and we are free”. The neo-hippie spirit is further fostered by the use of field recordings of sounds of nature, however my personal favourites are the lean, beautifully simple “Sport” and the 2-step-ish “Sacred” with its trickling percussions and groovy bassline.

Big Tiger are two of the guys behind the mysterious Bulgarian label WTF is SWAG. Mojo Goro and Hempsta come from quite different backgrounds – one started as a breakcore producer and the other used to play the drums until fate crossed their paths at a warehouse party in Sofia on Halloween 2010.

Three years later, Big Tiger have developed their signature style and are finally delivering their unique vibes into the ever expanding world of electronic music. “Music from Planet Earth” will be followed by a remix EP and a cassette release later this year, so stay locked.

BIG TIGER – Music from Planet Earth by BIG TIGER

by Snezhana Bezus