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Střed Světa podcast

Published February, 2013
by Easterndaze


A psychedelic journey into the musical mind of Střed Světa, whose cassette appeared on our affiliated Baba Vanga rec at the end of January. A lysergic techno for psychedelic minds is how we dubbed it /in a particularly uninventive spark of logorhea/. His podcast, as part of our Mixcloud series, is a similarly mind-altering drive through varied musical territories. Starting off with his previously unreleased track, Střed Světa follows with the likes of James Ferraro, Cristian Vogel, The Orb, Hype Williams, Niobe, Diamond Catalog, Zhang, Jan Jelinek, but also Hungarian composer Vidovszky Laszlo. A dreamy world.

Střed Světa by Easterndaze on Mixcloud