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Střed Světa – Remixes

Published June, 2013
by Easterndaze


Our friend Střed Světa released an eponymous debut album earlier this year on our little baby, the Baba Vanga label. The idiosyncratic producer, who prefers to work in his Bohemian seclusion, has recontextualized years of sonic activities into a remarkable journey that bubbles, floats, crackles and hypnotizes. As much techno, noise, psychedelic electronics with hints of melody and IDM, his inanely named compositions emanate from “middle of the earth” /střed světa in Czech/, a place that is uncanny and somehow familiar at the same time.

“Sonically, his closest kindred spirit would be The Cyclist, the Stones Throw/Leaving Records producer who makes his own messy take on dance music,” wrote Ad Hoc.

Střed Světa – Remixes is an EP, released digitally, with various versions of ouvre. From Basic House slow burner, to Mangrove Mangrave guttural and haunting refix, to another Opal Tapes artist S Olbricht’s “disco”. The peculiar nature of the original has been preserved by the remixes, and thus, Střed Světa virus spreads on. Cover artwork, once again, by Střed Světa. Out on 17 June.