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Střed Světa – Rozmístění opakováním (Baba Vanga, 2017)

Published March, 2017
by Easterndaze

Three years after his brain-twisting, mind-expanding, lucid sonic opus that was his self-titled debut album on our sister label, Baba Vanga, the elusive Czech artist returns to our imprint with his new outing, deepening the fractured rhythmic structures while oscillating in a territory that touches upon “techno”, or “house”, but always ends up in a space that’s decidedly his own. It’s a type of music that falls within the cracks, and willingly so. It prefers delineations and detours rather than straight paths, “glitches” rather than perfection.

The noodly, wobbly, lysergic, slippery, astral psychotropic sonic world he created on his earlier records is paired with the directness of beats, deconstructed, of course. His music is hard to describe though, and none of the words do his complex, idiosyncratic sonic semantics any justice. What’s worth to mention is that he also creates the artwork for his records, primarily working with collage.

Střed Světa – Rozmístění opakováním by Baba Vanga