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Stroon – Ruine Noire EP (Ruine Noire, 2010)

Published October, 2010
by Easterndaze

Bratislava’s sonic underground is a fertile place giving birth to exciting upcoming electronics projects. stroon is a multi-faceted musician, with many ties to projects ranging from collective improvisators (Frutti di Mare, Musica Falsa et Ficta) up to the beat-based future-funk collaboration Polyjoy/Femoxema.

His debut EP is a cinematic ride across genres, a narrative blend of post-dubstep, future garage and wonky. It is a journey across a landscape of human emotions, passions and sins, and like every journey, this one too has its darker, melancholic side. Behind the free-flowing, sometimes almost dishahmonic synth lines, a deep bass is pulsing. Ruine Noire EP is a minimalist emotional snapshot – its 6 tracks are parts of a eternal sonic flux, one that stroon tapped into to include it on this release.

Get it Listen for free (download is for 3E) on stroon’s bandcamp profile: