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Subspecies – Subspecies (selfreleased, 2012)

Published July, 2012
by Easterndaze

Bratislava-based visual artist Boris Vitázek aka Stix is a well known VJ working mostly with the post-dubstep producer Stroon. Stix is also the main force behind the techno nights Trashold in the now legendary venue Subclub. Claiming a new role, his project Subspecies documents his first ventures into the domain of music production.

Stix’s first track was premiered on the dAdA ACTa compilation in the february of this year. Take was a solid 105bpm knackered techno pounder, and it seems Stix enjoyed doing it.

Subspecies owes much to the sounds of techno. The record’s solid, pounding beats and organic structures are meant to be an interpretation of an animal race, whose communication is based on sound. They live on the border of complex caves and rainforests and their society shows the first signs of rituals and burial ceremonies. This is the story behind the sound made by Stix.

Initiation by stixo

Despite its purely electronic nature, the EP has a really organic and fuzzy feel. Interesting rhythmic structures and atmospheres are surprisingly satisfying for a first release. Sometimes some deeper arrangement of the tracks themselves is missing, but it is easy to get lost in the music when you don’t focus enough. Overall, Subspecies is a good start for a complete beginner in the field of music, and has got the potential to evolve and possibly overgrow even Stix’s visual work.

Listen to the EP or get it for free from Subspecies’s bandcamp:

<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>Subspecies by Subspecies</a>

by Andrej