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Svet je davno zakovrno – a sonic diary

Published December, 2011
by Easterndaze

A sonic tapestry of everyday life, confessions of drug addicts, mentally disturbed and alcoholics, of cafes and factories, streets or religion of and related to Serbia. Svet je davno zakovrno is a project by the Pančevo-based Mileta Mijatovic and his several contributors, including our friend Vladimir Lenhart, who supply him with sonic ephemera, excavated from tapes, vinyls or recorded on dictaphones.

The results are authentic – the sound-bites are not processed – and somehow hauntological, or haunting? SJDZ has been dormant since 2004 to gave rise to the band Klopka za pionira. Recently though, it has been resurrected. You can hear the latest recordings on their Soundcloud.

Kosmoholizam – Radovan Popović by Svet je davno zakovrno

Centrifuga by Svet je davno zakovrno

Romana – barbika, action man i ken by Svet je davno zakovrno