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Published April, 2012
by Easterndaze

After last year’s techno boom, with several more than decent comebacks of mavericks like Surgeon or Regis, straightforward pounding beats started to invade the minds of the music producers around the globe once again. Hungary is no exception and that’s the place from where SYNUS0006 puts out his latest release on the B4CK6ROUNDNO1SE sub-label of the Hungarian Panel Trax imprint. 

This is not some Balearic Ibiza techno stuff you can dance to on a rented yacht sailing along the Mediterranean coast. More urban and darker in its approach, SYNUS0006 reminds us of the desolate industrial techno sound of Orphx or some of the Pan Sonic releases. Full of controlled silent noisy loops and an uncompromising pulse, it would fit perfectly for one of those Berlin warehouse parties.

“Background noise is a form of noise pollution or interference. Background noise is an important concept in setting noise regulations.” This statement pervades throughout the entire release. SYNUS0006 is able to pick his sounds and knows when to attenuate the rhythm to provide space needed to build a sense of urgency in his compositions. Going through a wide range of techno subgenres, he borrows good bits from everyone and blends them together into a satisfying result.

Samples are carefully selected from the noises and interferences accessible to the human ear nevertheless buried for the time of our everyday sonic routine. Out of them SYNUS0006 creates an atmosphere of a decaying industrial complex in a moment when the party is just about to hit the ceiling. 

B4CK6ROUNDNO1SE is a surprisingly outstanding contribution to the ever-evolving contemporary techno scene. With its experimental edge and dark, industrial sound, it has made its mark within the rest of the scene.

by Andrej