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Published November, 2012
by Easterndaze

You just cannot complain about the amount of good quality techno releases these days. And Panel Trax/B4CK6ROUNDNO1SE are doing their share too. Since 2009, this Budapest-based label has given birth to a handful of releases supporting artists not just from Hungary. In the past, we have reviewed one of the albums of the label founder Synus0006, a dirty, straightforward and raw techno affair with a heavy industrial based sound. Let’s take a look at different versions of his track Forest by his label mates and friends.

Surprisingly, remixes are broad in the range of approach, even though they all share a similar atmosphere. In terms of track design and approach of the producers, the sound is more up to date with the current renaissance of techno which started to happen a couple of years ago and caused the slow down of the track speed from classic banging 135-140 BPM to the more cooled down and deep sound of 125-128. As this groove has always been good for expressing deeper and richer sonic environments, reworks of Forest indeed do not lack thrilling and dark vibes, which can turn every decent club with a good sound system into a dark pool of groovy energy. The Berlin-based 88uw can be compared to some of the early release of Rrose, delivering a percussion-based sound skillfully packed into dubby splinters with a 4/4 pulse. Alexander Dniel, his labelmate, has decided to rely on a more heavier, pounding sonic mark and his kicks indeed sound damn solid. Overall, the contributing artists have decided to focus on deep/dub techno, neatly mixed with the spirit of good old deep techno. 

According to the statement which can be found on their facebook page, the label..’ is into old school and new things as well but doesn’t want to follow the actual trends’. I have to slightly disagree with this when taking into consideration this remix album. It keeps up with new trends which are ruling the techno scene, and is able to deal with them really well, however if B4CK6ROUNDNO1SE wants to break through into wider scale, it will probably need to come up with a more unique sound, as the competition these days is profound. Nevertheless, it’s still a well made release, joining together label mates showing their skills –  the purpose of this label is not to cash themselves in. Love for techno is what matters here. 

You can listen to Synus0006 mixtape, incorporating the aforementioned remixes and more released or unreleased stuff courtesy of this label, here:

by Andrej