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Synus0006 – Five Years Later EP (Chi Recordings)

Published March, 2012
by Easterndaze

Synus0006 aka Laslow Bényei returned to renowned Hungarian label Chi Recordings with his latest output symbolically titled Five Years Later, after Da Micro Cop EP back in 2006. Synus0006 spent the last five years tirelessly producing a lot of tunes to release them on various labels.  He also co-founded two new labels, Panel Trax 2009 and B4CK6ROUNDNO1SE 2011 to release records from all over the world.

The veteran producer and label boss makes sound-oriented music “in the range between techno, expermiental, minimal, glitch, dub and acid music regardless of the tempo… with a brutally strong identity" which can be easily noted on his latest Five Years Later EP, too. The first and our favourite track on the EP called Harminc (in English Thirty, referring to Laslow Bényei’s age) conveys a hazy atmosphere which tranfixes all the six live recorded, arrythmic tracks full of weird rumbling, buzzing and other strange little noises, like as if a fainted trip in shadow-grey, concrete catacombs.

by Andras G. Varga