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Tag: Innercity Ensemble

Innercity Ensemble – (Milieu L’Acéphale présente) take us for a psychedelic sun-drenched ride

A slow, mellow start commences a journey into a magical place, a sonic equivalent of a blissed out day, where things are familliar, and mellifluous but still mind-altering and trippy. Innercity Ensemble is a project of several Polish musicians - including our friend Radek Dziubek from the Grobbing Thristle project - and their latest EP released by Milieu L'Acéphale as a free download, is a result of a three-day improvisational session at the Mozg club in Bydgoszcz in August 2011 and serves as a taster of an LP that should be released in autumn 2012.

Published June, 2012