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The flesh is rotting down the bone – Hungary’s lofi scene thrives amid collapse

Published December, 2011
by Easterndaze

It has been an age-old assumption that when the times are shit – politically and/or economically, the art thrives (punk or the NY-based no wave and new wave scenes as a case in point). Hungary currently is not in the best state both politically and economically. A thriving bedroom lofi scene has been bubbling underneath in Budapest (read our feature about this with an interview with Ádám Lang who also features in the video), a group of like-minded musicians who don’t care about Moody’s rating and are ready to rise their middle finger to Hungary’s politics. “Hungary could collapse. Mr Matolcsy [Hungary’s Minister of National Economy] could do anything but the Hungarian DIY music scene scene is in full bloom,” is one of the memorable lines from the video.

A short documentary (hopefully just a teaser?:) with some of the proponents of the Hungary’s lofi scene with three bands including Piresian BeachHalál Judit and A Párt. Young, fearless and with plenty of attitude – just what’s needed in today’s increasingly fucked up world.

Photo by Rita Németh kindly borrowed from the Hungarian Bedroom Noise blog