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The Good x The Evil, Fresh Now x Fresh Forever

Published June, 2014
by Easterndaze


A never-ending bipolar fight between the Good and the Evil, on a personal level, on a historical and society level, on all levels. There are days, which are dark, clouds hovering low, it’s hard to breathe. It’s June, and you’re not sure, if it’s because you’re depressed or allergic. A rapid storm followed by a cleansing heavy rain, Hungary would need such a purification, but not only Hungary.

Unaussprechlichen kulten – Az üreglakók

Ultra-primitive evil, minimalistic lo-fi black metal from the darkest vaults of the South Zala hill, Beherit Way, Von and Havohej. Biblical apocalyptic hallucinatory scenes, so dark, were they any darker, only a hole would remain, depicting the journey of the inhabitants of hell, without a chance of redemption, without a happy ending, nobody remembers the beginning anymore.


Then, there are days which are full of sun, pop-driven, June, when you sit at work and can’t wait for your holiday and keep reminding yourself how it was then. A tip for a summer hit:

Damiano CZ built their foundation on an ever-persistent phenomenon of the Disco Polo music style (Italo Disco Polish style, also described as so-called pavement music – a massive escalation and culmination of Disco Polo happened in the second half of the 1990s, especially in the Polish countryside and small towns, and to certain extent, it still survives there) with an added element of synth pop and chillwave. On the EP 1996, the duo offers five pieces “in the tone of the feverish-sensuous evenings/cold-lonely wounds drowned in pseudogangstarap – hetero4homo – psychopolo village dance parties vs post-holiday nostalgia, until the end of summer somewhere around your hypophysis, the rainbowy eo-eo will vibrate! Damiano ce-zet uo-o.”
Check it out here.

A track from the EP 1996, which came out in 2009 on the Polish net label By?em Kobieta (the predecessor of Grzelak’ s label Sangoplasmo). 1996 is composed of love songs, full of highs and lows of a duo one of whose – Szymek – is a member of the perhaps still hybernating, perhaps dead hypnagogic electro oldschool rap duo Chłopomania (together with Lubomir Grzelak aka Lutto Lento) and the artist Cocker Cock (the only artist whose solo album was too strange even for By?em Kobieta Records). They got together on the track Lodowisko.

By Jakub Adamec, I Love 69 Popgeju