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Published January, 2016
by Easterndaze

Traumas are sketches from life. Life is made of traumatic sketches.

Trauma has many forms and sources. Currently, most of the population of this planet has experienced some sort of trauma – communal, personal – the moments of terror (not its concrete manifestations, but more the generalised, primeval anguish) are instant and immediate. Thus, we are living in a constant state of accelerated PTSD. “Human beings are bound together by terror: terror of themselves, terror of the universe, terror of a world to which they no longer belong in the way animals do.” (William Pawlet – Georges Bataille: The Sacred and Society)

It’s just words, sounds and images, nothing more, united as unseparable. Or call it an audiovisual linguistic concept reaching down to the core of the meaning of terror. Or the terror of trauma entering the semiotic triangle. Or whatever. 

Trauma is a mysterious project composed of Krisztián P., Erika Sz. and Márton B. They are based in Budapest and the trio makes improvised electronics, with no holds barred. Harsh and brutal, unhindered noise without rhythmic compromises, interspersed with rapid moments of calm (not the good sort though, but more the harrowing calm before a cataclysm).The music is abstract, with disorienting connotations. The track titles, nevertheless, are almost cinematic, book-like.

Nemi erőszak mint módszer (Rape As A Method), Telefonterror, Túlélték, mégis meghaltak (They Survived, But Died Anyway), Az ördög anyja (The Devil’s Mother). “You can’t translate words, you have to find the core of terror. The meaning where it’s rooted. Or just get it as anything on the internet, enjoy it, be bored of it or exploit it. It’s totally okay to listen to it as music which is not. After all it’s destined for it and fits easily the so-called contemporary experimental music. Though we would rather call it dilettante.”