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Traveling around Sun, Slavic and Surreal: Jonáš Gruska – Солнце

Published December, 2013
by Easterndaze


Jonáš Gruska is a Bratislava-based sound artist working under several guises – for instance the audiovisual project Binmatu, mastering engineer and label owner. His many activities revolve around sound – its physicalities, propensities and possibilities. He tweaks it, squeezes it, hypnotizes with it. His latest self-released work is dedicated to ”Sun, Slavic and Surreal.”

Consisting of four compositions, Солнце follows in the footsteps of his excellent release on Cyland Audio Archive, but compared to this, his latest material is calm and composed, none the less haunting though. The twenty-one minute release is a solar drone morphing almost unnoticeably, operating on the liminal zones of consciousness, emanating from outside of this world, archaic/ritualistic and timeless at the same time.