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Tune in to our Habitat melee this SUNDAY!

Published July, 2011
by Easterndaze

The mid-July Sunday (17 July 2011) edition of the Habitat broadcast will contemplate audio-visual connections from cognitive and artistic perspectives and feed your ears with mixplorations of gloomier electronic genres.

Tune in at 20.00 for our Eastern ramblings 🙂

This was the playlist (Czech tape psychedelia vs. Hungarian Lo-fi vs. Czech hauntology/electronica/witchhouse vs. Estonian/Polish psychedelia vs. Serbian experimental hiphop/witchhouse vs. Polish abtract hiphop ;))

Kaddamn – Aiwa
Fatime – Fatime
Morningdeer – Floor
Zombie Girlfriend – Jesus Stole My Zombie Girlfriend
Piresian Beach – Enemy
Jacques Kustod – Diary Loop
Jacques Kustod – Jacques Encounters The Universe
Tempelhof – Crackkhouse
Spice Mouse – Tunde Tiivul
Folja – Charlie
Folja – Waterboys
Fuka Lata – I Am Lonesome
Rap Cats – We Are All Wearing Baggy Pants feat. Optimus and Belgrave
Rap Cats – Hi!
MomalloZmikeo! – Rekonstrukcija
Synnc – Estro