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Vladimir Lenhart> Tape Music

Published July, 2011
by Easterndaze

We met our friend Vladimir Lenhart in a cozy Novi Sad café on a hazy September afternoon. We talked in our mother tongue (Slovak) about the scene in Serbia and Novi Sad, and about other bits and bobs. Two months later, Vladimir stole the show at our first gig at Bratislava’s A4 club with his four walkmens and obscure tapes. In February, his and Easterndaze’s destinies once again crossed – this time in Vienna at the Psychotronic night run by Philipp Quehenberger. As a sonic memory of that said gig, which we recorded, is a new release on Ne-Ton. Get it here.

Vladimir Lenhart live at Easterndaze Night in Bratislava (18/11/2010) by easterndaze