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Published November, 2013
by Easterndaze

It’s been a whole year since my first contribution to the Easterndaze project. Call it fate or accident, but today, upon this anniversary, my topic is, just like back in 2012, the latest WTF is SWAG various artists compilation.

Anchored in the reality of the magic Sofia-Berlin-Manchester triangle, Mojo Goro, Hempsta and Parallel Concept – the three major masterminds behind WTF is SWAG, are putting out music born in the Internet, free from the limitations a possible geographical association could imply.

You could be an immigrant thousands of miles away from motherland, or an alien in your own country, or just an artist who’s found a fellow mind in a cyber identity embodied somewhere right across the ocean. Whatever the reason, it’s in a peculiar way a place where we all feel at home, and WTF is SWAG are embracing this virtual reality, making the best of the opportunities it presents.
EAT DESSERT ONLY offers a rare glimpse into the works of underrepresented Bulgarian producers, some still based in Bulgaria, wonderfully interspersed with other uprising artists from literally all corners of the world.

Musically, the compilation is so varied it could sound random, but after a second listen the pieces start to form their own, beautifully weird picture. It is a natural progression of the previous EAT DESSERT FIRST, taking the meal concept a step forward by offering a sonic concoction that can only be compared to a full dinner composed entirely of desserts. Courses are far from clearly defined, however one can pick out an hors d’oeuvre of sensuous teasers, patching up beats, synths and slow disco, the energetic 4×4 main dish (to be consumed straight on the dancefloor) and, of course, that odd, exotic combination of flavours that wouldn’t please everyone’s palate, but the curious and adventurous will love every bite.


EAT DESSERT ONLY is out today via WTF is SWAG.

By Snezhana Bezus