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WTF is SWAG presents: Foggy Mountain EP

Published February, 2013
by Easterndaze

After the brilliant EAT DESSERT FIRST compilation that highlighted the end of last summer, the WTF is SWAGbrigade are back on track to hit us with a fresh dose of bass-heavy vibes.

Foggy Mountain EP is a split project between two talented young producers – Bulgarian Lenard and Hungarian oneone, including 4 original tracks and 5 remixes.

Opening “Foggy Morning” and “All to you” reveal the hazy sound of Lenard – a chilled-out, languid take on the 140 bpm recipe commonly known as dubstep. In both tracks you’re in for the classic “rolling beats + resonating basslines” combo, which is elegantly counterpointed by a rich ambient atmosphere in the first, and a flowing synth culminating in an emotional vocal sample in the latter. A peculiar trippy calmness dominates throughout and is further intensified by the verbless titles – a paysage and an abstract notion – leaving the listener to drift within these sonic realms guided solely by his or her own conscience.

In between, you’ve been bitchslapped back into reality by the sensibly more aggressive oneone, whose “Make a Mountain” and “Hit Me” instantly pull you to your feet. Bubbling tension bursts into sinister booty-rattling tropicalia where bouncing cocktail umbrellas and banana-leaf skirts join a relentless last dance in the face of an impending tsunami. Just as intricate, oneone’s sound is definitely more club-oriented, thus perfectly balancing out the more meditative other half of the EP.

Personal favourites from the remixes part include Bulgarian Hempsta and Norwegian Katraven’s takes on “Hit Me”. Hempsta’s remix is a beautifully simple classic 2-step garage dancefloor bomb, while Katraven’s rework traps you in a slow jam feather-light fantasy world, progressing into the unknown.

True to their hype tradition, the WTF is SWAG crew dropped a preview of the EP a couple of days ago, along with a high-in-the clouds video. In both, a seductive smiling female voice guides you through the music.

Foggy Mountain EP is out on 1 March as a digital release.