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Yesterday I stopped killing myself : Crying Games by Irena Tomažin

Published September, 2011
by Easterndaze

The Slovenian Irena Tomažin expresses herself through the most natural human instrument – the voice. She tests its limits and abilities though, and at the same time employs its age-old use – lullabies and folk-inflected lush melodies.

Irena Tomažin, working under her acronym IT, is a dance performer and sonic artist working with spoken word and various dictaphone and tape recorders. Her full-length album Crying Games was released in the beginning of September with tracks like Ophellia Muller quoting Heiner Mueller’s Hamletmachine. 

Crying, caughing, screeches, yearning, longing, sound collages reminescent of musique concrete’s aesthetic – a truly and bona-fide avant-garde work that is theatrical, intimate and utterly strange and scary (and hence, we like it:)   

<a href=“” _mce_href=“”>Crying Games by iT / Irena Tomažin</a>