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Yvein Monq tells stories of the Post Apocalyptic Codex X

Published March, 2012
by Easterndaze

The graphic designer graduate and producer Yvein Monq releases his second record Post Apocalyptic Codex X EP on newly launched Budapest label 8ounce.  

In contrast to his first album Hookers in My Strings back in 2010,the new release, has an interesting concept visualized in the 27-years old Yvein Monq’s mind and transformed to a sonic mood. He’s been always keen seeking connections between his two sides, image and sound. As he explained “the six tracks are somehow connected by a certain atmosphere of post-historic times when human civilization became extinct, and this is a compilation of random stories remained stored on a lost memory card.”  

As an example he told the story of the last but probably one of the best songs on the EP. The Godess of the W_01D is about “a space shuttle packed with few survivors and supported by an intelligent computer on board. The computer’s mission was to protect the astronauts. Leaving the Earth ages ago this handful of people had not any empirical contact with the destroyed planet, but in a certain moment the core-computer had a memory error and started to project pictures of the old Earth showing animals and plants which made the survivors going mad. Then the computer recognizes its failure and it destructs itself. The all thing has a certain feeling of passing away.” 

This sounds quite odd to keep us aware on the next story from Yvein Monq which will be his promising diploma project about city auralization transforming architectural structures to parameterized sounds and a new EP! 

The mystic video to Sharkteeth is another story which examines what reasons led to the apocalypse: 

Download Brainfreeze for freeeee.

As told to Andras G. Varga.

You can listen to an interview and Yvein’s real voice below (as part of our weekly show Vychodiska). 

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