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Zenial and his Connection Reset by Peer

Published May, 2012
by Easterndaze

The Polish producer Lukasz Szalankiewicz is active on the experimental music scene almost a decade, mostly under his nickname Zenial. His music career started when the young Szalankiewicz joined the demoscene, a community of programmers and artists that created small audiovisual softwares called demos.

He has a new LP out right now, Connection Reset by Peer, which was released by the polish label Zoharum. It contains compositions created by the electromagnetic interference technique. For the end of the year, Zenial has another release in store, this time a vinyl which will contain not only compositions inspired by Czech hermetic magician Franz Bardon but also special digital tracks of old school PC software created by Zenial and his collaborators. 

His aural experiments ooze an otherwordly atmospherics, as if ghosts yearned to escape from his lingering audio abyss. Clicks, beeps, field recordings, disembodied “voices” all compose Zenial’s sonic world.

Listen to our interview with him (aired on 30 May 2012 on Czech Radio Wave)