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Zomblaze – Machinstruments Vol​.​1. (2012, Chi Recordings)

Published August, 2012
by Easterndaze

For fans of the deeper spectrum of abstract hip-hop and zombieish bass music, we present three splendid cuts courtesy of Chi Recordings that showcase the production of our Budapest-based friend Zomblaze (his track 21 was included on our first compilation).

Balkan Kannibalizm by Zomblaze

Coming from the realm of hip-hop, his production uses sampling, scratching, heavy bass and hip-hop’s pulse, but moves further into industrial and experimental sonic territories, never without a catchy sample or vibe. 

Machinstruments Vol.1. is a selection of Zomblaze’s past works, with more recent ones coming as Vol.2. We are looking forward !

<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>Machinstruments Vol.1. by Zomblaze</a>