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Wilhelm Bras - Wordless Songs by the Electric Fire - DIY analogue noodling
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Mik Musik has revamped itself last year with a slew of releases, mysteriously titled, and following in a gritty, psychedelic danceable vein. Mostly part of its super secret anonymous edition, acts like RSS Boys, Mangrove Mangrave or PAWEL PESEL, have pursued a wonky, exploratory techno direction, without utilising many of the usual genre tropes.

The new installment of Mik’s new sonic policy is Wilhelm Bras /Pawel Kulczynski, a musician and sound artist/, an avid analogue synth enthusiast, who builds his own machines, a neo alchemist of sound. His new album - Wordless Songs by the Electric Fire - is a prime example of noodles and glitches sourced from his living and breathing electronics, a result of years of DIY nerding and sonic research. Danceable, bubbling analogue beats and trippy atmospherics make it as apt for the dancefloor, as for your home listening. The warmth of analogue and the weird sounds conjure a world that’s playful and utterly likeable /in our universe, that is/.

Find out more about Wilhelm /Pawel/ on Wednesday on our regular weekly show for Radio Wave, live stream at 11:20 and 16:20 /CET/.

You can listen to our interview for our weekly Radio Wave show Vychodiska below.

Jonáš Gruska: Nocturnal oscillations for one
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Jonáš Gruska is the man behind the fledgling LOM imprint, a platform for all kinds of outthere sounds, digital noise and unhindered experimentation. Following their split release /read our review here/, a “high-frequency” trading music, Jonáš delivers his "Nočné oscilácie pre jedného" /"Nocturnal oscillations for one"/, a mellow analogue journey conducted in the studios of the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, where Gruska studies. The release follows up on the famous tradition of electroacoustic studios of the yesteryear, the CRM’s or Radiophonic Workshops of the past era.

The leitmotif of the EP is solitutde, one can envisage the author sitting quietly and sternly in this venerable institution, tweaking the knobs and trying to extract life out of these moribund machines, a nice change for Jonáš, who usually works with digital technologies.

Jamka: An analogue journey podcast + exclusive download of their track Jopra
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JAMKA - [x] years podcast by Easterndaze on Mixcloud

The London-based project Jamka has been exploring the outer reaches of analogue electronics for a decade now, as part of the Urbsounds Collective. Their hardware medley especially comes to life during their unforgettable live experiences. A reckless sonic abandon leads the listener into higher states of sonic consciousness, with no mercy.

This podcast is an assortment of their sounds spanning over a period of the last ten years. When listening to them you will not find any chronological order in the way they follow. Instead the individual tracks were arranged so that they relate to each other sonically and in their attitude. The podcast delivers 12 tracks overall and includes a bonus in the form of a lost and recently found song Jopra recorded in Bratislava in 2002. This track is now available as a free digital download.

For more information about Jamka and their latest album Pari Passu please visit their website:

To download Jopra, click here if you want it in mp3 and here if you’d like it in wav format.

Analogue synth lovers Reverend Dick have a new video
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Reverend Dick from Prague love their vintage analogue synths and a certain almost innocuously and ironically dark atmosphere which they translate into their sound and visual aesthetics (since they are also visual artists, members of the activist art collective Guma Guar). Find out more in our interview and our audio interview for easterndaze’s Radio Wave show.

Here is their new video for Devil’s stone.

Reveren Dick - Devil’s stones from richardbakes on Vimeo.

and here their older one.

Reverend Dick - Alone from reverend dick on Vimeo.