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0311 – The Experience EP (Concrete Cut, 2011)

Published November, 2011
by Easterndaze

Our new collaborateur, the mysterious Andrej K., has penned his first article for us, a review of Concrete Cut’s latest offering.

Polish club scene, although still globally unknown, is a place where lot of interesting things are happening on an underground level. The label Concrete Cut is one example showing that sounds and beats made in Poland can sound ‘global’ – something that Dana Dramowicz, the label’s founder revealed as a goal in a former interview for Easterndaze.

“Our aim is to force Polish producers to think globally, up their game, and to consider themselves competition for international artists. They just have to believe it’s possible – and I think we’ve proven that it totally is. As for BPM – I’m sure that will change, and our sound will expand and evolve.”

Concrete Cut started as a dubstep label, but with the development of the continuum, has expanded their sound to a wider range of genres to include post-dubstep, uk funky, bass and avant-garde club music, strictly covered by Polish artists. Their latest release is The Experience EP by 0311.

0311 is part of the 0311/Black Galaxy project in which the producer was fusing together the sonic atmospheres of techno and deep house, warming up vinyls for Detroit godfather Juan Atkins, crazy innovator Derrick May or Robert Hood. 0311’s debut EP is, at least musically, somewhere else though.

Black Galaxy / 0311 – 2X4X by 0311 area

Hailing from Warsaw, this should be an interesting take on the vibe of this city. Trying to create an atmosphere of ‘late night moments, when the crowd heads home and the slaves of the sound system remain for one last moment of sonic bliss’, his music has moved away from flat beats. Focusing more on the sound of post-dubstep and garage scene, 0311 is still balancing on the edges of these styles and trying to mix some more musical influences into one working piece. As the base is solidly built on the latest soundbanks hailing primarily from London, there is still some space to add elements of dub techno or deep house into the song structure. The Experience is full of typical soulful vocals and airy synths, common tools for most of the top-notch producers these days. More for chill, than for dance, this is a very relaxed release.

0311 – The Experience [sampler] by Concrete Cut

However, sometimes it feels more like London than Warsaw, as the sound is trying to come close to the current standards. Synths in the System are fitting great, however this sound is connected to the London that much, that it’s quite difficult to create a trademark groove of another city this way. Slowly evolving, vocal based It’s Not True resembles some of James Blake’s tracks maybe way too much. The label’s goal is achieved, the sound can be compared to the big names, however the unique vibe of the city is lost in the textures used way too many times in the past and in a different city.

0311 – Warsaw Dream by Concrete Cut

The Experience is a fine debut, showing the production skills of 0311 capable of matching the ‘top-dogs’. Some of the aspects of 0311’s sound are even better, and maybe what we are missing is the addition of something more unique or personal into the tracks. And this special something can make tremendous results in his next release. Be sure to get the free mp3 from The Experience below:

0311 – White Shadows [The Experience EP, Concrete Cut, 2011] by easterndaze ;